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Miscellaneous Tidal Publications

Information to assist in the prediction of tides, tidal streams and curves

ADMIRALTY Manual of Tides (NP120)

​Contains detailed information on tidal theory and its application to the analysis and prediction of tides and tidal streams. Contents include comprehensive explanation of tide raising forces and their impacts on waters around the world, as well as tidal phenomena such as Double High Water and Double Low Water.

ADMIRALTY Tidal Stream Atlases

​Tidal Stream Atlases include detailed tidal stream direction and strength information for key locations in North West Europe enabling accurate calculation of tidal stream rates for a particular port when planning a voyage.

Each volume of Tidal Stream Atlases includes:

  • Pictorial representations of tidal stream directions for each hour before and after the reference port

  • Information on the direction and rate of tidal streams

  • Mean Neap and Spring tidal rates in tenths of a knot

Each volume of ADMIRALTY Tidal Stream Atlases has a recommended retail price of £16.80. Please note that all prices do not include VAT and other local taxes. To find out more information or to organise purchase, please contact your ADMIRALTY Chart Agent.​​