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ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Fleet Manager

Helping shore-based users to reduce administrative tasks, maintain cost control and ensure compliance

e-Navigator Planning Station
e-Navigator Planning Station

​​​​​​​ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Fleet Manager is a web-based management tool for ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions that can help shore-based users to reduce administrative tasks, maintain cost control and ensure carriage compliance across fleets.

Key features of Fleet Manager can help you to:

  • ​​Remotely monitor on board chart coverage and permit status to ensure navigational compliance across your fleet

  • Manage costs of navigational products by creating orders ashore or approve those received from your ships.​

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Here to help

Once you’ve chosen e-Navigator Fleet Manager we can offer you guidance to help you get the most from the service. Support items include a comprehensive user guide, with further support available from chart agents and our UKHO Customer Services Team.

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Available around the world

We distribute our products through a global network of experienced and trusted ADMIRALTY Chart Agents. If you are interested in finding out more about Fleet Manager, please contact your preferred chart agent directly or visit the find a chart agent page to locate your closest distributor. 

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Manage navigational compliance across your fleet

Remotely monitor ADMIRALTY navigational charts and reference publications held on board to check your ships have complete coverage for intended routes. This can help you to ensure your ships meet the carriage requirements of SOLAS Chapter V. You can also check when current digital products and services used on board will expire.


Closely manage costs of navigational products

It is easy to order ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions for your fleet, either by creating orders ashore or approving those received from your ships. To cut down further on administration, you can delegate approval entirely to your ADMIRALTY Chart Agent.



Fleet Manager's Geographic Catalogue allows shore-based users to view and order products for ships. This can help you to manage costs and ensure compliance


Get permits when you want them

Fleet Manager allows you to view which navigational charts and publications are held on board each ship from a web-connected device 24/7.


Manage your ADMIRALTY products by geographical area

To make managing ADMIRALTY products easier, you can use the geographical display in Fleet Manager to view and order charts and publications by area, position or intended route.


Below you will find information to support you in your use of e-Navigator Fleet Manager.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions, then whom you contact will depend on then nature of your query. Please see who to contact below for more details.​​


ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Fleet Manager User Guide

Includes information on getting started, installation, updates, maintenance, uninstalling and other support topics

​​Download the Fleet Manager User Guide​ 

Who to contact?

In the first instance, please contact the Chart Agent that you acquired Fleet Manager from. If they are unable to help then the UKHO Customer Services Team can be contacted on or phone +44 (0) 1823 484444.​

We distribute ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions through a network of experienced and trusted chart agents, who will be happy to provide you with access to ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Fleet Manager.

If you don’t have a preferred chart agent, then you can search a list of worldwide ADMIRALTY Chart Agents on the find an ADMIRALTY Chart Agent page.​​​

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